Babies Only Know What You Give Them

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Many people ask us how we get our child to eat healthy foods. It’s simple. He only knows what we give him. He didn’t turn 1 and begin asking us for things like processed foods and junk. We do our best to consistently monitor what he consumes daily. 

Each morning, he has fruit. He’ll pretty much eat any kind, even if he’s not in the mood for anything else. 

Instead of juice, fruit and vegetable smoothies are a go-to! You can get a variety of frozen fruit in bags, use fresh fruit like bananas and strawberries and mix it with fresh greens, like spinach. 

Quinoa is a “Superfood” that he absolutely loves. (Look out for the next blog post for benefits and ways to eat it) 

Vegetables: Introduce these early on and find new ways to give them to your little one. (Example: Broccoli can be eaten raw, steamed or roasted) Also, remember there are so many types of veggies. 

Healthy Carbs like sweet potatoes are great! (This was actually one of his first foods) 

Beans are a great source of protein since our family doesn’t eat meat. He loves all beans! 

Be mindful of sugar, junk and processed foods. 

Remember: Everything in moderation.

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