Breastfeeding Journey: Motivation

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*Do not allow anyone to determine how long your breastfeeding journey should last. Do not compete or compare. Do what is best for yourself and your child. Everyone is different so every journey will be different. Whether you breastfeed for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or more, KUDOS! And if you’ve never had the opportunity to do so, you are still awesome. This blog is for motivational purposes only.*

Sometimes, moms need extra motivation to begin or continue breastfeeding. My journey lasted much longer than I initially planned, but I’m grateful that it did. I knew that I wanted to breastfeed whenever I gave birth to my first child but I had no idea how beneficial it was or how much would come along with doing so. My mom played a huge role in motivating me to breastfeed because she did so with her children. I couldn’t see myself not giving it a try so I decided to take my journey one day at a time. Once I began, my initial goal was to stick it out for at least 6 months. As I approached that timeframe, I decided that I could continue.

One thing that I noticed as Deucey continued to get older was that he never became sick. Even with traveling, being around family and friends and people with “the common cold”, he didn’t catch anything. During his routine wellness visits with his pediatrician, the care team documents the type of milk that he is consuming so when I would advise them that he was still nursing, they would encourage and remind me that it is recommended to continue at least until he turned 2. Whether they knew it or not, that was more motivation for me as a mom. Sometimes, we need an extra push. Learning and witnessing the benefits also motivated me to keep going. Deucey is now 2 and he has officially been weaned off of the boob. Although I decided to wean him from nursing 3 weeks before his 2nd birthday, I still managed to pump. Weaning was a process (another blog post will follow on that topic) but he has handled it well.

Breastfeeding/pumping for so long has not been a piece of cake. There were several times in which I wanted to stop but I didn’t. I found the motivation to keep going and did what was best for myself and my child. Staying in contact with other breastfeeding moms also helped throughout my journey. If you or someone that you know is pregnant, trying to or actively breastfeeding, share this blog with them. We have to motivate one another. Breastfeeding has so many benefits for children and moms (see the 10 Benefits Of Breastfeeding blog). Trust me, all of the time, energy and sacrifices are worth it. Find ways to stay encouraged, be consistent, patient and keep going! You’ve got this mama :) 

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