Spice it up! Don’t forget date night...

Parents, let’s get straight to the point: Date nights are very important and should be a priority.

Sometimes we get so caught up in working and providing for our child(ren), we put off dating our significant other. If you’ve been putting off that special date with your other half for weeks (or months), it’s time to make something happen. Start with Valentine’s Day weekend. Dates don’t have to be expensive or for very long periods of time, but they should definitely happen often. 

Quality time is key. Check out some date night ideas below!

  • Movies
  • Dinner 
  • Bowling
  • A concert or show
  • A sports event
  • Skating
  • Local lounges 
  • Dave & Busters, Top Golf, Main Event, etc. 
  • Wine tasting 
  • Netflix & Chill 

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